Cross Vegas 2015

The time had finally arrived for my first ever CX World Cup. I had raced here last year but it was not classed as a world cup and that meant all but 1 of the top 20 UCI ranked riders would be attending. Usually I would sit in my room late at night watching the […]

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Rochester CX C2 New York

Same place different day and different approach, after yesterday’s disappointment I had a new mindset going into this race. We rode to the course with a completely different approach. Today I was going to race with a bottle on my bike, start with and ice bag down my back and remove it after a few […]

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Rochester CX C1 New York

After nearly 37 hours of travel three flights a temporarily lost passport and visa issues we had finally made it to the United States. It was going to be a great couple of week traveling around the states racing with my team mates Tom Chapman and Jack Hogan. Our first races would be only two […]

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