CX Newcastle RD 2

Unlike the first round of the Newcastle series today was completely turned on its head. With a good few weeks of rain leading up to the race it was more of a running race than a bike race in some sections. For the first time in a long time I was going to be riding […]

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Rochester CX C2 New York

Same place different day and different approach, after yesterday’s disappointment I had a new mindset going into this race. We rode to the course with a completely different approach. Today I was going to race with a bottle on my bike, start with and ice bag down my back and remove it after a few […]

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Newcastle CX RD 2

After a solid week of rain it was time for the next Newcastle CX series Round. With the worst storms I had ever experienced in the week leading up to the race the course was starting to become one big mud bath. It was pretty much a slosh fest with a few bits of slippery […]

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