CX Newcastle RD 2

Unlike the first round of the Newcastle series today was completely turned on its head. With a good few weeks of rain leading up to the race it was more of a running race than a bike race in some sections.

For the first time in a long time I was going to be riding on mud tires so this was going to get interesting.

We lined up on the start straight shortly after a heavy down pore and started momentarily after that. I had a great start and managed to get into the lead until I over shot the first corner allowing Garry to take the lead.

From here there was little I could do other than just follow the lead and try to keep as close as possible. With the current water situation some of the course had be altered so that we could still do a longer lap. And unfortunately as we raced into the section I took the wrong line. A line that I had not taken once in practice and it was not one of those lines that you think it might be faster, it was one of those lines that you know are slower.

As we exited this section Garry had a couple of second lead and as I tried to get it back I couldn’t get any closer. Within a lap the gap had swelled to about 10-15 seconds and that is where is stayed for another 5 laps until the closing minutes where the gap had really started to decrease and was within reaching distance again. Garry managed to keep it upright and roll across the line in front leaving me to settle for second place.

I has quite happy to be able to finish that close to Garry in a muddy race as it is not known to be my strong point. Onwards to the next race at Manly in a weeks’ time and we will see what the weather good bring us!



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