CX Newcastle RD 1

It was a classic Newcastle day. The sun was shining, it was warm and there was not a cloud in the sky. The first round of the Newcastle CX series was upon us and that meant the things were going to get real busy from now on as the season was just kicking off.

I lined up not knowing what the form would be like. I had a bit of a interrupted lead up but felt like I was fit and healthy so the race today would be a real good test to see where I’m at in my training. I had a good start moving straight into second wheel right behind Garry Millburn. I felt like I was not under pressure keeping calm and not making any mistakes. The course conditions were dry and fast and that’s what I really like best. It allows me to really push the limits and see how fast I can go around the corners before the tires loose grip, and this is just what happened on the second lap to Garry. He kept it up right but I felt like I could go faster.

The next straight I made my move and managed to get past cleanly. I started to ride my own tempo hitting all my lines and slowly opened up a 2 second lap and then 4 then 8 and then within a lap I had got enough of a gap that I could take less risky lines and start to get into a safe pace that I knew I could hold to the Finnish.

It was a good dry in at Newcastle to be able to take my first win of the season and also do so at my first race of the season. I hope this is a good sign of thing to come and can’t wait for the next race in about a months’ time in bright.



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