National CX RD 6 Canberra

Another cold winter morning in Canberra. As we drive back to Wanniassa there was snow on the Brindebella range and that meant only one thing, It was going to be a cold race. Arriving at the park we set up the tents and unpacked the bikes before signing on for the final day of racing.

After a few practice laps I had decided on running 22 psi in my tires to try and get some traction amongst the slippery mud. To mix the course up a little from yesterday the organizers had decided to reverse the track and change where some obstacles were. This was great as some ruts started to form on the off camber corners. This meant you could hook up and get grip while cornering.


A shorter than normal warm up and I found myself on the start line being called up again. Today we would use the same start straight doing a long start loop before entering the course in reverse to yesterdays race.

The whistle blew and we were off. I got a better start slotting into second behind Chris J. I sat on his left hip making sure that I couldn’t get boxed in and also allowing room to pass toward the end of the straight. All of a sudden Jongawarrd started to turn left and ride into the long sower grass. I think this could of been his suggestion that he didn’t want me to be in front so I grabbed the breaks and jumped in behind him before I ended up in the metal fence.


Team mate Shaun Lewis got the hole shot and started very hard and fast opening up a gap of him and Chris J leaving myself and the rest of the field to chase. My legs were a bit tired and slow from yesterday’s race but I had to push through knowing that they will loosen up and start to ome good soon. I began chasing and started to close in to a few bike lengths. Shaun started to drop off Chris J and I couldn’t get any closer that a few bike lengths. It was like my legs didn’t want me to get there.



I had the same 5 second gap for the next two laps (20 mins) but didn’t seem to make much of a dent in his lead. It was only another 5 second back to my team mate Tom Chapman but I couldn’t slow up and wait because the smallest slip of a wheel in front and I would be straight back there.

I chased for another few laps but the gap slowly opened to around 30 seconds where it sat for the final lap as I tried to make any impression in the lead. It was all too little too late and I didn’t have the legs early on to go with the initial attack. I crossed the line in second learning from another race. I now know what I need to do to be fully warmed up ready to race on the second day and hopefully can implement this and produce another great result in the coming races.

Thanks to

Focus Bikes Australia

Challenge Tires

Kask Helmets

Two Wheel Industries


A big Thankyou to Joshua from Riding Focus for the photos.

Check out my Vlog from the race below !!!