National CX RD 4 Melbourne

Another day another race this time going in the opposite direction to yesterday’s course and a few minor changes just to mix it up a little.

It was a late start making it hard to see amongst the setting sun. But that didn’t deter any of the riders. I was called to the line and chose my position so that I would get a good line into the first corner without having to cut anyone off.

The gun goes off and we are away I got a great start getting into the lead only to have PVDP come up the inside on the first turn. The bunch fly’s down the hill hitting posts and throwing dirt and dust everywhere. Immediately there was a gap from the first 15 riders so there must have been a crash back in the field. I sat towards the front of the group trying just to save a little energy but as soon as we hit the climb I had to have a little go. I made my way to the front just to test the legs and see how they felt. I soon moved back into about 5th and sat there for the next few laps as it was very controlled with no major gaps just little attacks as slowly the group shrunk in size.

There wasn’t many attacks, Just people making mistakes but this made for more close and exciting racing for the on looking crowd. 30 minutes had passed and the group had only five left. Garry and I were the first two and PVDP was in third. All of a sudden there was a slip of wheels or roll of tubular and we had a small gap. Straight away we both knew we had to work hard and get a gap because otherwise it was going to be a group sprint. Swapping turns into the head wind just like road racing we managed to get the very narrowest of leads.

After two laps on the rivet we had pulled out to 15 seconds. PVDP was chasing hard and starting to claw us back but it was all too little too late. With only the barriers and a short 500 meters to the finish it was Garry and myself going head to head once again. (Somehow I always have a sprint finish against him)

Off the bike and over the barriers remounting perfectly, but then I slip a foot letting Garry get a bike length gap. The pace was on and I had to close the gap. I got back in contact with him just before the final corner. We swung into the finish straight Garry leading it out and kicks first, He starts to get a bike length and then two but I just didn’t have enough in the tank to take the win. None the less happy with second but so close once again. Only giving me more motivation for next time.IMG_4572

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Check out my Vlog from the race below !!!