National CX RD 2 Brisbane

Another warm day in sunny Brisbane with summer temperatures during winter it was a nice change from the wet cold days back home. The second round of the NCXS was to be held at Nunda crit Track which I had raced at late last year prior to going to cross Vegas, So I knew what sort of course we would be racing. Luckily our accommodation was only a minute down the road and also my Aunty and uncle lived a few hundred meters up the road from the course so they could come watch.

After setting up the tents and getting the bikes prepped for the course conditions we went and completed a few sighting laps as a team so we knew what we would be in for come race time.

After a Little bit of waiting around I headed off to start my warm up early making sure that my legs would be ready to go and that they felt fresh again after yesterday’s race. An hour later I was warm and ready to go. I felt like good like my legs were fresh again and almost like I had a rest day the day before.

Arriving at the start line I was called up in third after yesterday result giving me a good choice of starting positions. We would once again be starting on the tarmac and this proved to be a better way to start then on a grass track because of the single line that get warn into the grass. The gun went and I got a great start I was leading for the majority of the start straight until Paul VDP wound up a big gear and rolled past just before the first corner. Straight away it was single file as we snaked around the first few corners. As soon as the course opened up into a straight I attacked wanting to be in the front during the next section because it was a spiral and if you get a few wheels back you can end up losing 5 seconds on the leaders due to the concertina effect it gives.


A few laps passed and a group of 7 riders had established a lead over the chasing competitors, Riders started to attack wanting to be at the front whenever the course was about to go back to single track. The group had started to splinter as the attacks took a toll on the riders and I sat in and waited patiently. Chris J crashed over the barrier section and Garry Milburn attacked so I followed. We established a small lead over Jongawarrd who had distanced himself from the chasers. Yesterday’s winner Paul VDP also had a crash early on that put him back into the middle of the field and had to chase the lead group. After a few laps of swapping turns trying to hold of the fast pace of Chris J he managed to claw his way back onto our leading duo.

With only a lap to go I tried to up the pace and see if I could get any sort of gap coming into the final barriers but just before them Garry found a small gap and managed to pass. Chris J tried to jump them and crashed riding into me as I was running over them. Garry looked back and saw the tangle and reacted by starting the sprint early. I took chase with Chris J sitting up I tried to close the gap as quick as I could. I got to within 10 meters but again for the second time I missed out on the win but only a few bike lengths.

Overall it was a great weekend to catch up with the new team and also a good sign for the coming season that I hopefully can build on the current form that I have.


Thanks to

Focus Bikes Australia

Challenge Tires

Kask Helmets

Two Wheel Industries


Check out a little video from the Focus CX Team from the round.