MWCC CX RD 1 2015

The first Sydney race of the season and again like last week it was muddy. A slightly different style of course to Newcastle with a narrower one lined style of course where it was more follow the leader sort of racing. The course didn’t really allow for much back and four of the lead as it was muddy and you couldn’t jam it up the inside because you would just crash in the slippery mud but that was okay as I should be legless from my overload week of training.

After another few laps on the spare bike and pressures set on the race bike I was on the rollers doing my normal warm up routine. When I have a good routine I try to stick by it because I know what I can do and how long everything takes. This leaves me stress free knowing that I will be race ready when I am on the start line.


Once again I was on the front row that was tightly packed. It was a quick sprint up the hill and into the first corner where I decided to go a little easy as I didn’t want to crash on the slippery water running across the bitumen. Young Michel Potter moved up on the grass inside me so I passed him 30 meters later over a small barrier. I was sitting in third behind Garry and Ben and was feeling good as far as my heart rate was concerned but my legs weren’t quite firing and felt a little slow. After the first lap Ben was starting to drop the wheel to Garry so I jumped out and around him and spent he next lap chasing as Garry had started to try and get a gap knowing that he had a little lead to work with.IMG_7828

For the next few laps Gary lead the way and I couldn’t find a way around him easily. Every time I would go to pass he would lift the tempo just a little forcing me to follow his line.

This was vastly different from the two previous races I Newcastle where I managed to get a gap early and work on a led from there. With three laps to go I put in an attack and finally saw the front of the race. I pushed the pace hard and coming into the Barrier we both got off to run and I stumbled a little giving Garry a good run on me and using his momentum he passed me on the remount.


Again I was in second with no real good passing opportunities for another lap. A few minutes later we were coming around and back into the finish straight I started to accelerate to try and attack Garry but my rear wheel slipped on the mud that was starting to be dragged onto the road causing me to fall and roll awkwardly. I bent my handle bars so I grabbed my bike and ran the 20 meters to the pit entrance where my spare bike was waiting just in case of such incident. Unfortunately I couldn’t close the gap back to Garry as It was two bike with only two laps to go so I had to limit my losses and make sure that third place didn’t catch back up. Overall it was a good race. I was happy with how my body felt from the hard week of training. Now I get to rest up for the next week while I head north andrace the first two NCXS in QLD with my Focus Bikes Australia team mates.