MTB Adventure on the Focus Raven 29R

Today for training I decided to try to get lost in the local Forrest about 20km from my house.I garbed my Go Pro and headed out getting some shots of it as well. After a solid 5 days or rain it was a slow slog through some sticky mud but the end result was well worth it. The first part of the ride was just mud everywhere and slow going until I reached a small town and jumped onto a road that would take me to the mountains. DCIM100GOPROGOPR3105. After a short tarred climb I was at the start of what would be a very long climb / hike on dirt up to the less steep section of the mountain that I was able to ride. After getting on ad off the bike and having to throw the bike over the shoulder and almost crawl up some sections I reached the top. DCIM100GOPROGOPR3308. The view from up there was well worth it o could see all the way out to the ocean and down the coastline towards Sydney. 20150129_005455116_iOS Once at the top I was looking forward to the 20 min technical and steep decent that awaited. Some sections were so steep that it was a sheer cliff and there was even steps purpose built so you could get up and down safely. DCIM100GOPROG0063347. DCIM100GOPROG0023259. The Final Part to the brake burning decent was the funnest. A very steep fire road piece where if you applied your breaks to hard you would lock the wheels up and just slide out and that’s the last thing you want to do on this section. Chris