National CX RD 2 – Darebin Park – Melbourne


3:10pm – A little bit of a  latter start for the second round of the NCXS held in Melbourne hosted by the famous Dirty Deeds Club. After yesterday’s result I was going to be sitting in a much better position and not having to fight to make my way through some traffic, but unfortunately this was not the case. I had a terrible start  on the inside and only being able to go as fast as the person in front. It was a greasy wet surface and everyone was learning how to two wheel drift as we sorted our selves out on the first lap. I slotted in behind Focus Bikes team mate Mark Chadwick for the first section until he was pushed wide and off the course by some Kiwi guy with a wicked Mustache. Ducking around him as he jumped back on the course, I chased back on to the wheel of the Rider ahead. I had lost a lot of places due to my poor start today and had to make them up quickly. I was just inside the top 20 riders and was feeling great on the climbs, so every chance I got I pushed my way up the groups and moved towards the faster riders. A split of five riders got away in the first 10 minutes and everyone started to get into their own little groups. As per yesterday, I was with Nick Both again and we were catching fellow team mate Tom Chapman. A bit over a lap later, we were all together again and starting to catch fellow team mate Jade. Then we were all together again and I think people were thinking that we just like riding together but in true fact it’s just coincidence! We all worked together for the next few laps passing ‘Hecklers corner’ and copping every joke they could think of about with four of us riding together. One of the good ones being when I was starting to leave a 10 meter gap and someone says ‘’your teams time trial is up there’’. Soon enough we caught another rider making it a large group. Everyone was running the top barrier and I was thinking of hopping it as I had been doing so in practice but when you’re at your max heart rate and coming up to a 400mm high solid timber barrier sometimes your body has other thoughts. With 2 laps to go the odd rider out slipped on a flat greasy corner and gave us four focus riders a gap that we could hold on to the finish. I crossed the line in 9th knowing that I really have some work to do on my starting positioning for the coming rounds.


Thanks to Dirty Deeds for putting on the even and to Focus Bikes Australia for the support. Photos – Riding Focus (Joshua Nicholson)