Manly Warringah CX RD 2

3:30pm – Race start as per  normal Garry took off like a scalded cat leaving us all to chase and I tried to bridge the gap from the start. I didn’t have the best start and was sitting in fourth and needed to move up quickly as a rider was already starting to drop the wheel ahead. I made it to Garry and let him sit on the front for the second half of the first lap as I caught my breath.

We were away with a very small 5 second gap back to third and another 3 Seconds back to fourth. I then rolled through knowing that we had to keep pushing the pace otherwise they would get on and then it is harder to drop a rider when their in bigger group.


Garry and I were locked in another what seemed to be familiar battle and from what I could tell it seemed like the crowd were loving it as we would attack each other and try to pry any little gap that we could open. It was about mid-way through the 45 minute race and I had finally got some sort of gap that I could work with. I’m not sure what happened but I  seemed to be getting a slight gap over Garry. This was short lived when about half a lap later Garry decided he didn’t want to let a kid beat him and closed the gap.
The laps passed and we had three to go I rode through a mud section and felt my rim bash into some hard rock or root that laid beneath the surface and could only think that I may have got a flat. Half a lap later my tire was still up and I knew I was in the all clear as it was going to come down to another all to familiar sprint finish with Garry. We are so evenly matched that it always makes for close racing between the two of us. Coming into the last lap Garry was on the front and I was sticking to his wheel like glue. With about 300 meters to go he lit the afterburners and accelerated so fast out of one of the hair pin corners and managed to get the 1 second gap that he needed to take the win. Unfortunately I came second AGAIN to Garry but on the bright side we both have had a good hard two weeks of racing leading up to the first round of the National CX Series that will be held in Melbourne Next Weekend.