Albstat race report

By far the most sticky mud race I have ever done and probably will ever do!

So the Albstat bike race in Germany was the best track but the only problem was that it had been raining the whole week leading up to the race so we were going to need real mud tires for euro conditions.

We were staying in a little hotel just down the road from the race start that also had to Spanish boys from Trek Wild Wolf there as well. We were in a nice little town that had almost no shops open so the bakery around the corner becomes our second home whilst we were staying there.

On the Friday before the race we when to do one lap of the course just to see what it was like and it was going to be a tough race. I was testing my knee to see if it could hold any pressure as it was injured from the crash the week prior and I couldn’t train properly due to the pain.

On the Saturday before the race we completed about three full laps of the course working on lines and trying to find places where we could get grip away from the mud.

It was Sunday, race day and my knee was feeling good enough that if I started I could finish. After a late delivery of mud tires it was decided that I should run them and try to get them to seal the morning before the race. The race start was at 9am and I was hectic the tire couldn’t hold air so we put more sealant in them and they held till the 2nd lap of the race. My warm up was very short due to the mucking around with the tires but I knew I had to get to the front and get there fast if I wanted to do any good.

Before I knew it I was on the line I had a great start and went from fourth row on the grid to sitting on Keegan Sweesons wheel in second place. I knew I needed to stay with him on the climb for as long as possible otherwise he would just climb away. I sat on his wheel for as long as I could up the main steep climb of the lap and then a rider from Israel rode from one side of the road to the other making me stop and lose all momentum and grip making me get off and have to run the rest of the section. Everyone was fighting just behind him and I was struggling to keep up with the pace as the lactic acid from the super short warm up was starting to fill my legs.