U19 State Crit Champs

Early this morning I headed to Broke in the Hunter Valley to compete in the u19 state crit titles. It was going to be a fast pace crit with it only being 30 mins + 3 laps. We pulled up and I set up the bike in the trainer and signed on for the weekend straight away  where I saw a few old friends from the road day and had a quick chat before getting changed and jumping on the bike to try and get some warmth into the legs. After completing my normal warm-up I headed over to the start to find that they were running 10mins late so I just rolled around and talked just keeping cool and not being to fussed on the race. We lined up and the gun when and immediately the pace was on I moved straight onto the front to be able to control the pace and my heart rate which allowed me to keep a constant pace whilst the others at the back had to accelerate out of the four 90 degree corners each lap.

About 20 mins in and I started to feel the backend start to get real loose and slippery like I was on a motocross bike so I stood up and bounced the wheel to realise that I had a flat on the rear. I pulled in and change wheel to a kind chap that was just standing on the side and then waited for the bunch to come around were I drifter to about 5th wheel and the an attack was made. I chased and sat in and then about half a lap later as soon as the pace dropped I hit the bunch and got a gap with two other rider we had the lead for about three laps and then all of a sudden the bunch reeled us in and ended the fun. Coming into the last three laps I tried to have a dig but it didn’t end up working and I had to settle for 6th in the sprint finish. The bunch was in ones and two which meant that they were all worked over from the pace set throughout the race.