Broke Fordwich Hill Climb Classic

Later in the afternoon was the Broke Fordwich Hunter Hill Climb Classic which was a 7km flat TT with a short but very steep 1km climb to the finish. This climb was a tough one to prepare for because you couldn’t use a TT bike because it was so steep at the end and the road bike would be slower on the flat at the start. I decided to go with my road bike and a set of aero bars so that I could climb normally and still get up to speed on the flats.

I completed my warm up and rode over the start and lined up waiting to start. Unfortunately there was two people missing in front of me s ii couldn’t see anyone the whole way so I had no way of judging my pace and performance. The time came and I was calm and ready to hurt knowing that some of the other competitor would be sore from the fast paced crit in the morning. After having a few joke in the line with Neil Robonson I was on my way.

It was a fast start getting up to 55km/h because of the slight downhill. I tried to maintain my speed and momentum for as long as I could until the small climb where id roped down to 30km/h and the started to build the speed back up on the decent. Soon enough I reached the base of the climb and tried to carry as much speed as possible into it. I started to climb and looked up and there was two cars parked in the middle of the road which was the best place to be stopped so I had to drop it into the small chain ring and lost all my speed. The second car was on the horn to the car in front trying to get them to move but the ignored it and sat on the road and kept talking. The second car burned it up the outside on the grass and loose gravel and made their way up the hill to the finish whilst the first car just stayed there as they were getting abused by the traffic marshals. I climbed the steep hill and had teammates Guy Brown and Jamie Van Netten cheering on the steepest part of the climb which was much needed.

I built the pace back up to the line and being absolutely spent from the days racing. In the end I ended up with 2nd in the U19s category and about the 5th fastest time out of the Elites, U23 and U19.All in all it was a good TT but I was a bit disappointed with the car incident knowing that I could of been the difference between 1st and 2nd.