NSW Hill Climb Champs Bathurst

Last friday the NKC-Lexus cycling team  headed off to bathurst to compete in the NSW Hill climb Champs and B2B. We all met up on friday morning and headed off the Bathurst were we would be conducting a easy ride of the next days hill climb course and finish of the B2B the was on the sunday.

Johno, Sam and myself were to only riders competing in the climb as Dane and Mick were saving their legs for the main race of the weekend that was the 162km B2B. after our reco ride of the course we all felt happy with how we were going to attack the climb and where we were going to try and gaing the cruital seconds that would be the diffrence between winning and losing.

Sataday morning cam and i was feeling fresh as i rode out to the climb with Johno.I started my normal TT warmup and then proceded to go to the starting gate where i waited and got myself prepered for the climb ahead. I was the last rider to leve the gate and tried to get into a rhythm on the main part of the climb but i just wasnot feeling it. I caught up to three people but didnt know weather that would be enough.

The last flat section at the top of the climb i pushed the biggest gear i coukld trying to get to the finish as fast as i could so the pain would be over but in the end it was 5 seconds to slow.

I still managed a podium with getting third to fellow academy member Sam Hill who went on the win the U19 men catagory.

Team mates Sam And Johno were in the Elite catagory with Sam finishing in 4th missing the podium by only 6 seconds and Johno in 6th only five seconds down on Sams time.