Orica Kermesse

Just a quick “What people don’t see” wrap up from the Orica Kermesse.

We all know Dane took the sprint and daylight was second, but what you wouldn’t know is the team set the win up from km 0.

Jonno was on duty from the get go. He used up all his biscuits in the first 5 laps when himself, Sammy and Chris covered anything and everything that moved in the first 50km.

From there Chris did what a…ppeared to be a solid 2 laps on the front keeping the pace high discouraging any attacks. This allowed Sammy and Mick to look after Dane and keep him calm, in the top 10, out of the wind and reassure him his legs still looked toned, tanned, fit and ready.

Sammy then road out of his skin for the last lap bringing Dane up to Mick’s wheel then guiding Mick through to the top 5 and leaving the job up to Mick to lead Dane out from the 400mt mark.

The rest is history as they say. A perfect display of a dominant team for the whole race.