Val Di Sole World Cup Race Report

It was race day, I woke up early, nervious as ever with this race being the biggest by far that I had ever done. It was 6am in the morning and I was up and eating my race breakfast of some cerial that had all the ingredients that will help sustain us for the race. By 7am I was down just checking that my bike was still good even though I had prepeared it the night before but it was all part of a process to keep me occupied so I didn’t get to pumped for the race to early.

I pumped my tires up to the exact pressure I had decided on in traning over the previous days andthen I knew that my bike was ready to go. I whent upstairs to my room to get changed and the put all my food drinks and spare wheels in the van for the coaches to take them down to the race site.
8am all the U19 riders meet at the front of the appartments to ride down to the vent center with time left incase a mechanical or flat occoured whilst on the ride down to the race site. We rode up the vally through a small town called Pellizzano that had 925 meters of elevation then back down to the race. This was an extended warm up to get the mucles in tune and redy to go. We arrive at the race site and immediately start to do our dynamic warmup to activate all the key muscle groups.

8:45am we all started our proper warm up on the bikes and done the efforts required then headed to the “holding pens” 15min before race start where I meet up with the Kiwis Mathew Waghorn and Anton Cooper (who went on to win the world cup). My name was called 22nd and I moved up out of the pen and onto the starting grid my heart was racing and I was nervous at the same time. Everyone was on the grid and with two minutes to go every one moved up except of me where the guy in front decide he didn’t want to move up. Now I was in trouble and I tried to move around and found myself at 45 degrees to the rest of the competitors on the start line. Luckily my fellow Aussie team mate Billy Sewell was just over my left shoulder and he held me whilst I flicked my bike in the air and moved so that I was only about half on the original angle to start on. 30 seconds to go and I was ready.

9:30 The gun whent and the pace was on people going everywere with guys moving into gaps that wernt there. I came through the start loop in 33rd about 10 second behind the leader. Up the first climb I felt solid remembering that they will blow up so I didn’t go crazy and overtake. I sat in and waited till the second steeper more technical climb and started to push up I moved into the twentys and then felt strong and started to get into a good rhythem. Coming down the major decent at the later half of the lap I crashed and this broke my rhythem. Ther next small but steep climb I lost about 6 or 7 places and lost all the rhythm I had started to gain .This small crash had a major effect on the rest of my race as I couldn’t ride in tempo and had trouble holding the wheel of the other riders.
I finished the race in 54th which was not the worst result but also not one of my best results. I learnt a lot about euro racing and how you cannot make any small mistakes because that is the difference between a great race and a bad race.