Bay Crits Series 2015

Bay Crits Stage 1 The shortest of the whole series was the very first stage. Always known for only having a few finishers in each race I knew it was going to be a hard one. I warmed up around the 800meter long hotdog circuit making sure that I could get as far forward as […]

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Cross Vegas 2014

Found an unpublished post. I’m sure any keen Cyclocross fan has seen or heard of cross Vegas and I was very excited when I heard that I had been invited to race the 2014 edition. I set of on Monday morning ahead of the race on the Wednesday night travelling with my mum as I […]

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Cross Vegas Is Coming

I am Pleased to announce that I will be competing in the upcoming ‘’Cross Vegas’’ race held in Las Vegas, America on Wednesday the 10th of September. I am beyond excited to be lining up in the same race as World #1 Lars Van der Haar and #2 Sven Nys as well as the American […]

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