National CX RD 4 Melbourne

Another day another race this time going in the opposite direction to yesterday’s course and a few minor changes just to mix it up a little. It was a late start making it hard to see amongst the setting sun. But that didn’t deter any of the riders. I was called to the line and […]

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National CX RD 3 Melbourne

After having a week off the bike due to illness after the first two National rounds in Brisbane I was back feeling fit and strong thanks to some solid weeks of hard training. Flying down to Melbourne I knew it was going to be cold but didn’t seem to be as cold as last year. […]

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Newcastle CX RD 2

After a solid week of rain it was time for the next Newcastle CX series Round. With the worst storms I had ever experienced in the week leading up to the race the course was starting to become one big mud bath. It was pretty much a slosh fest with a few bits of slippery […]

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MWCC CX RD 1 2015

The first Sydney race of the season and again like last week it was muddy. A slightly different style of course to Newcastle with a narrower one lined style of course where it was more follow the leader sort of racing. The course didn’t really allow for much back and four of the lead as […]

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Newcastle CX RD 1

My first CX race of the 2015 season was at my local course in Adamstown, Newcastle. It’s great to start off with a smaller race close to home so that you can get back into the swing of racing tactics and general race preparation before you head off too harder races such at the national […]

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